August Smile of the Month - For a straighter, whiter, more beautiful smile

This lovely young lady in her late 20’s, was concerned about her smile. Her teeth were mildly crowded, discoloured, mottled with dental hypoplasia and she had multiple failing dental white fillings. The goal for her treatment was a beautiful smile, with straighter, whiter teeth.

This treatment outcome was achieved with a mixture of porcelain/zirconia crowns on the upper six front teeth, and ceramic/porcelain veneers on the 4 side premolar teeth. This achieved the beautiful smile she wanted and also filled out the width of the smile in the cheek areas on both sides. She can now smile with confidence and is absolutely delighted with her new smile.


I want a beautiful smile

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Smile makeover solutions for crooked/mal-aligned, chipped, discoloured or unaesthetic smile.

I want to replace missing teeth

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Dental Implants offering a permanent solution for replacing dentures, missing, failing or loose teeth.

I want straighter teeth

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