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Now Open Mondays

Dr Salmin Ladhani has been with us now since May 2015.  Recently, we have opened our appointment book to be able to accommodate patients on Mondays.  Working on his own, Dr Wells was unable to operate on Mondays but now that he has help, we are happy to be able to offer Mondays to patients who will be able to benefit from this.  As well as our usual 7:30 am starts Tuesday to Friday, we are also now offering further extended hours until 6:00pm Monday to Thursday. 

It has been a busy start to the year and quite a few patients have already completed their smile makeovers, enjoying  their new outlook on life to start off their New Year.

We look forward to seeing our friends again this year and we hope to make new friends as well.

Christmas Wishes

As we come to another close of year, we would like to extend to all of our patients a heartfelt "Thank you" for your loyalty and trust in us to help serve your needs.

2015 has been a big year for us, marking 20 years since we moved to Derby Street from our humble beginnings in 1989. Dr Wells will also be marking 30 years since he graduated and started his first day in general practice in Penrith later this month.

During the Christmas/New Year season we will be repainting the interior of the office to keep it looking its best. We will also be renovating our laboratory area to make it easier for our auxiliary staff to maintain our very high Infection Control standards. And as a bonus to our team, we will also be renovating the staff amenities to include a dishwasher! You will know that we like to have tea and coffee facilities (as well as chocolates) available to patients, who will often come early to relax in our lounge before their visit with the dentist, or sometimes before leaving us. Our staff will find the dishwasher a big help in providing this service as we continue to use our fine hotel ware.

Our office will be closed for business over the Christmas and New Year season. We will periodically check messages, but if you require a more rapid response for help, you could try contacting us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We can't promise that we will be able to help, and it may also not be checked too often, but we will try to be of assistance to you by offering general advice if required.

Our last day for patients is 17th December 2015 and because of painting works, our chairs will be decommissioned temporarily. You will be able to contact a receptionist on Tuesday 5th January to book appointments, and Dr Ladhani will be available on 6th January 2016. Dr Wells returns on 13th January 2016.  Our receptionist will attempt to reply to all answering machine messages when she returns on 5th January.

We wish you a safe and happy Christmas season and all the best for 2016.

Kindest regards from the Team at Simply Beautiful Smiles






Dr Salmin Ladhani joins our Team

Dr Salmin Ladhani joined our team in late May this year.  In the six months since Salmin joined us, he has become an integral member of the team and he is well-liked by staff and patients alike.

Dr Salmin Ladhani completed his Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2003 at the University of Adelaide. He has since gained extensive experience in the public and private sectors commencing at Adelaide Hospital Dental Clinical School and then over a decade in private practice in Bundaberg, Queensland and Sydney, NSW.

Salmin is passionate about helping his patients feel better about themselves by beautifying their smiles and believes that this can often be achieved through minimally invasive techniques. He has an easy and down to earth approach to his dentistry which will make you feel at ease. Salmin is a comprehensive dentist with a special interest in Orthodontic and Invisalign braces, cosmetic dentistry and oral and implant surgery.

Salmin has a caring and gentle nature that is immediately apparent and we are delighted to have Salmin join our team.

Alternate Telephone Number - NBN Telephone Communication Problems

In an effort to avert the problems that many of our patients were facing when the NBN came to Penrith, we delayed our final connection by over 8 months.  Unfortunately, we did not manage to avoid some of the communiaction problems and at times our main telephone line has been down, even though it may appear to ring out.  If you have been trying to call us on our usual number but are having no suceess, please try the following numbers, which also go to our front desk receptionist:

(612) 47 311 676 or (612) 47 311 812.

Please  also let our team members know that you have had to call one of our secondary telephone numbers.  None of the telephone numbers should ring out, as we have an answering service if we are unable to answer the phone by a few short rings.  This is an indication that we are having problems with our telephone communications.

Thank you for your help and understanding in this matter.  It is unfortunately beyond our control.


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