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September 2018 - Smile of the Month - Years Rolled Back

This lovely lady in her early 30's had severe wear of her front teeth, in fact more than 40% biting edge wear. The wear is caused by excessive night time teeth grinding and clenching. Unfortunately, her teeth appeared much older than she was. The other downside of this destructive bite/grinding pattern is premature wear and aging of the back teeth as well.

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Coming to a Screen Near You!

Certainly, members of my team, as well as many of my patients know I love to tell “Dad jokes”. Some get the roll of the eyes, but usually always a smile, if they haven’t gone right over the head of the poor, captured listener.

Anyhow, coming to a screen near you in the near future, I will be making a guest appearance on Disney’s Hanging With, where my daughter, Ashleigh is a co-host with Tim. Last year I was asked to help out with International Dentists’ Day, and I must have done something right, as they asked me back for a segment for Daddy/Daughter Day.

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I want a beautiful smile

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I want to replace missing teeth

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