Laser Dentistry

about-laserdentistryBecause of the different wavelengths available in different lasers, each laser will have its own specific use. No one laser can perform all tasks required by dentists using lasers in their day-to-day work.

Dr Wells has been using different lasers for some years now and is very knowledgeable and experienced in their use. He has been using the BioLase laser since 2003, after undergoing extensive training in Europe.

The many benefits of Waterlase include no drills, no needles and no numbness (in some cases).

  • Heat and vibration associated with dental drills is not an issue with Waterlase and many dental procedures can be performed without anaesthesia, in many cases.
  • Because of the laser's pinpoint accuracy, the procedures for removing decay and for cavity preparation, allow as much healthy tooth structure as possible to be left in place, allowing you to keep your teeth longer.
  • The laser is ideal for gently performing numerous soft tissue (gum) procedures, with little or no bleeding. Previously, such procedures required referral to a specialist. Now you can have them performed during your scheduled visit and feel better afterwards, using only a light anaesthesia.

Gum Lifts

If you suffer with a very high smile line, showing excessive gum, you could be a candidate for a soft tissue gum lift procedure. The following case shows an example where the Biolase laser was used to quickly and painlessly perform a gum lift, with only light anaesthesia. The procedure leaves a very pleasing, permanent result for approved candidates

Case 1 - Before

Case 1 - Before

Case 1 - After

Case 1 - After

The case above highlights a Smile Makeover using dental veneers, as well as a laser gum lift to achieve this stunning result. Refer to the testimonial of "Anita" for how this makeover changed her life.

Today, our surgery also performs gum lifts using injectables. These results are also very pleasing, simple but temporary, for those where Biolase may not be a suitable option.

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