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November Smile - Smile Reimagined!

This lovely lady, had a crooked smile, with front teeth that were stained, cracked and discoloured. She really wanted a straighter whiter smile, and an evenness along the edges of her front teeth. Treatment for this case involved placing porcelain veneers on the 6 upper front teeth and 6 lower front teeth. In this way, crooked and worn 12 front teeth were re-imagined and rehabilitated to fit into a new bite with a new shape.

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September 2018 - Smile of the Month - Years Rolled Back

This lovely lady in her early 30's had severe wear of her front teeth, in fact more than 40% biting edge wear. The wear is caused by excessive night time teeth grinding and clenching. Unfortunately, her teeth appeared much older than she was. The other downside of this destructive bite/grinding pattern is premature wear and aging of the back teeth as well.

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I want a beautiful smile

smile makeover from dentist penrith

Smile makeover solutions for crooked/mal-aligned, chipped, discoloured or unaesthetic smile.

I want to replace missing teeth

Penrith Dentist | Missing Teeth

Dental Implants offering a permanent solution for replacing dentures, missing, failing or loose teeth.

I want straighter teeth

Penrith Dentist | Missing Teeth

Invisalign ("Invisible Braces") solution for crooked or mal-aligned teeth, unaesthetic smile.