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We make changes to people's lives that make a difference!

about-firstvisit-4The most common question we are asked regarding the cost of dental treatment is in relation to the advanced procedures such as Smile Makeovers or Smile Lifts that our practice specialises in. We frequently perform such procedures for as little as several thousand dollars to some tens of thousands of dollars. It's a bit like asking how much it costs to purchase a ring, a car or even a house. There are too many variables needed to be taken into consideration. So it is with specialised dental procedures. The only way our practice can give a reasonable estimate is by first visiting with you to assess the extent of work required, your wants and desires, your budget, and whether or not you prefer your work to be performed in stages.

As is the norm, payment for dental services is expected on the day services are rendered. Payment may be made by cash, cheque, bank cheque or money order, as well as major credit cards (Bankcard, Mastercard and Visa). To help make the dream of a bright, attractive new smile more achievable for more people, we have also been able to arrange several options available through medical finance businesses, including easy interest free terms to approved patients. A vast majority of our patients now fund their complex dental treatment through such businesses.

about-financeBusinesses such as Denticare, Mac Credit, and Mediplan, have put together plans for people just like you, frequently helping to make dreams of an attractive, bright new smile come true. Sometimes, in minutes (literally), a patient will have acknowledgement that their dental treatment - be it a relatively simple Smile Lift or a dramatic "Extreme" Smile Makeover - can proceed as soon as appointments can be made! Most applications can be made online at our office with approval in just a few minutes. Our friendly staff are trained to assist with the relevant paperwork.

You are invited to ask about these options with the financial coordinator, prior to commencing any treatment. You too could be going home to an "Extreme" Smile Makeover reveal party, or a romantic dinner, as have others of our patients, or go for that promotion or career path you've always wanted but lacked the confidence for! That's why we say .....

We make changes to people's lives that make a difference!

I want a beautiful smile

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I want to replace missing teeth

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Dental Implants offering a permanent solution for replacing dentures, missing, failing or loose teeth.

I want straighter teeth

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Invisalign ("Invisible Braces") solution for crooked or mal-aligned teeth, unaesthetic smile.