About Dr Peterson

Dr Andrew Peterson

Dr Andrew Peterson commenced working with Simply BeautifulAndrew 2017 08 Smiles in December 2016, on graduating from Charles Sturt University.  In June 2017, Dr Peterson started the accreditation course with the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry (ASID).

In january 2020, Dr Peterson commenced a 3 year post graduate program in prosthodontics (a study of complex dental treatment including bite management, full-mouth rehabilitation, aesthetic dental treatments and implant dentistry to create not only functional but beautiful smiles).

In July 2020, Dr Peterson became a co-principal dentist at Simply beautiful Smiles. This marked the beginning of a new chapter for Simply Beautiful Smiles

Dr Peterson has a focus on cosmetic and general dentistry and works in conjunction with Dr Wells to provide the practice's patients with exceptional care. 

Life Outside Dentistry

Andrew loves to spend time with family and friends and enjoys experiencing the different cultures of Sydney through his love of food.

He particularly loves to be active as he is an accredited personal trainer and enjoys excercising and staying fit.


A Team Approach

John and Andrew 2017 08 03

Dr Wells, the principal dentist at Simply Beautiful Smiles, possesses  a wealth of dental knowledge, spanning over 40 years in the industry.  He has a particular interest in Cosmetic and Implant dentistry, and having completed probably thousands of complex cases over these years, he is well-placed to pass on his extensive dental knowledge.

Dr Wells works closely with Dr Andrew Peterson, to provide an wholistic approach to our patients' needs.  As part of a mentoring program for Dr Peterson, the two dentists confer on many cases and both Dr Wells and Dr Peterson are gaining valuable insights about themselves, and about their chosen field.

Dr Peterson is well-suited to the ethos of our practice.  He possesses a high attention to detail, but is also a people-person.  He has a caring nature with a ready smile, and produces work of a very high standard. Under the the mentorship of Dr Wells, the two dentists work well as a team, and those of our patients undergoing complex dentistry will likely be seen by, and have treatment from, both dentists.

Dr Peterson is well-liked by patients and staff alike and as Co-principal of Simply Beautiful Smiles, together, Drs Wells and Peterson are excited to take the practice to even greater heights.


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