Your First Visit

about-firstvisit-1Welcome to our office!

Our specially trained staff are here to help you in any way we can. Please let us know if there are any ways that we can increase your comfort level with us during your stay.

As your comfort, safety and care are paramount to us, at your first visit we will need to get acquainted with you. There are some simple information forms that we will help you fill in, which cover various areas, including your relevant medical history.

about-firstvisit-2Things that you may not feel are relevant to your teeth could well affect your health, your dental treatment outcome or procedure. Dr Wells is happy to discuss any concerns or issues privately with you. All information is strictly for dental use only and is completely confidential.

When you arrive, we will escort you to a quiet area where you can complete this paperwork in privacy. Should you wish, and if time permits, we can even mail out our form for you to fill in the comfort of your own home.Of course, you should make the dentist aware of any changes to your medication or health status each time you visit. If there is a chance that you may be pregnant, the dentist will also need to know this. Changes in your health or medication status may alter dental treatment recommendations.

about-firstvisit-3Dr Wells will sit down with you and listen to your areas of concern. We need to know also, what it is that you expect from us and your expectations. The more information we have, the better we are able to serve your needs.

A thorough and complete dental examination will be performed and any necessary records taken. We will let you know if any further investigations or diagnostic tests are necessary.

Dr Wells will sit down with you in consultation, and discuss his findings and, if appropriate, a range of available treatment options. He will offer any recommendations that he may have. He will explain to you, in any depth that you require, information that will assist you in making a treatment choice that you prefer.

about-firstvisit-4Occasionally, a separate visit is organised to review your treatment options with you. Dr Wells may suggest that a second visit is appropriate if your treatment needs are complex, varied or require further consultation. In order for the doctor to optimise your dental treatment, he needs time to adequately review examination notes, and diagnose and prepare a suitable range of treatment options and recommendations. There is usually no charge for the second part of the consultation and it may be organised as part of a subsequent treatment visit, to save you time.

about-firstvisit-5Whenever possible, Dr Wells will arrange for you to be presented with an accurate estimate of fees for your proposed dental services, in advance of your treatment. Our Appointments Coordinator will customise your dental visit to reflect the treatment recommended and endeavour to accommodate your preference of time or day wherever possible.

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