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Happy New Year Message to Friends

Happy New Year! On behalf of the team at Simply Beautiful Smiles, we would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our patients

How Much do Veneers Cost?

A question that comes up often in our practice is “how much do veneers cost?”. It’s a very real concern and obviously an important consideration. 

What are Indirect Porcelain Veneers?

Earlier this year we started a series of Blogs to discuss Dental Veneers, what they are and how much they cost. Our mostly recent Blog

Patient presented with a poor example of direct composite veneers

What are Direct or Composite Veneers?

Earlier this year, we started a Blog discussion on the subject of dental veneers. Direct veneering is the process of layering tooth coloured resin materials

A Milestone Birthday! And, It’s a Girl!

During this current phase of Covid restrictions, our team has been split into two teams to minimise contact but still be available for emergency treatments.


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