Love Your Dentist! International Dentist Day 6th March 2017

International Dentist Day / Hanging With

Our cosmetic dentist, Dr John Wells, was asked to be interviewed on Disney's Hanging With program for International Dentist Day.  Of course, John jumped at the chance, especially given that it was his daughter, Ash, that would be doing the interview together with her co-host Adam. 

Watch out for this interview on 6th March at 4:30pm on Disney Channel.

Adam and Ash will be given a plaque disclosing tablet to see how they are going with their tooth brushing techniques and looking after their teeth generally.  John will also give some hints for looking after your smile, so be sure to watch and see what happens.  We're sure that there will be lots of fun to be had.

Having a beautiful smile is so important for building and maintaining confidence.  As you can see from this photo, both Adam and Ash have beautiful smiles.  Hopefully, they are looking after them.   We can't wait to see what the disclosing tablets will tell us!  A warning to Adam and Ash - the tablets do not lie!

Lastly, be sure to appreciate your dentist, and remember them on International Dentist Day.

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