Nails or teeth?

We often get asked, “why is dentistry so expensive?”  Well, dentistry is expensive for a number of reasons (one of which is we are basically running a hospital and secondly, our laboratory fees to create our smiles are a significant cost of the smile).  But – by what measure are they expensive?

How much does a smile cost?

An average smile at our office will usually involve 6 to 8 top teeth and will cost on average $12000 to $16000 give or take depending on underlying issues, etc.

But that smile should last a minimum of 10 years and in our experience, with our patients, a lot longer (we have been doing smiles in Penrith for over 35 years).

We check your smile with every check up and clean and those check-ups should be part of your usual maintenance for your own personal oral health and not a cost on top of the smile itself.

That works out at just $46.15 to $61.50 each fortnight (6 to 8 teeth respectively) for 10 years in today’s dollars.

Let’s look at a manicure for a price comparison:

The current general price for a manicure in Sydney with gel colour is approximately $60.  That manicure should be redone every two weeks to maintain the health of the underlaying nails.  At this current price, getting your nails done every 2 weeks to keep your manicure in tip top shape and to protect the health of your real nails underneath, over 10 years, this amounts to $15600.  This is at the top end of our smile guide for 8 top teeth.  That also does not include price increases from today’s cost of $60.

So, the prices are very similar in real terms.

Unfortunately, there is the upfront cost involved with a smile.  But we have payment options that can help and many of our patients choose this option.

Isn’t your Smile more important to you?

At the end of the day, the question shouldn’t be “Why is dentistry so expensive?” but instead “Why aren’t I investing more into my smile than my nails?”. “Wouldn’t I feel great with a beautiful smile?” 

Just think what it will do for your confidence and your self-esteem?  Our patients tell us all the time how they wish that they had done their smile years ago and how it has changed their lives for the better. 

Your Penrith dentist at Simply Beautiful Smiles is currently offering you a personal smile consultation at no cost to you.  Just call our office on 4731 1599 and quote “NAILS” to start your journey towards your beautiful smile today.

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