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From the desk of Dr John Wells, Sunday 29th March 2020 - Important Contact Details

Hello to all of patients, colleagues, auxiliary services providers and our greater community.

In these uncertain times of the COVID-19 “health emergency” my team and I wish you well, safety and let’s all hope, a speedy, healthful outcome for all of us.  For the sake of all of our lives and all of our livelihoods we need to continue to work together. Throughout my life starting as a child immigrant, to spending the last 40 years involved with dentistry in this wonderful country, and reflecting upon my nearly 60 years of life experience, I continue to see the indomitable spirit of the people of this proud land. Mateship and a sense of community is the weld that unites us.

On Saturday 28th March 2020, The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC), implemented Level 3 Scope of Practice, which limits the types of dentistry we can perform and strongly recommends the adoption of certain guidelines.

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Level 2 - Special Announcement from the ADA (Australian Dental Association)

Sterilisation Room

For all of our patients and expanded dental team and families, I thought I would share the latest update on Essential Dental Services - please refer to the information at the end of this notice.

Simply Beautiful Smiles is part an Essential Service Profession and is currently fully available for continued care of our patients and community.

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88 Year Old Rose* Just Called on a Sunday Morning - Coronavirus Unsettling Us All

A Rose from my Window This Morning

Times are crazy!

I have many dear patients that I love to chat with and oftentimes i also give out my personal mobile phone number to patients that have had complex surgery, like implant work. This has never been abused and some patients even include me for funny anecdotes etc which I enjoy.

Anyhow, Rose* (her name has been changed for privacy purposes) called.

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