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February 2020 - Gum Disease Awareness Month!

Gum Disease (medical term periodontitis) has been referred to as a silent epidemic. Many people actually suffer from gum disease and many are unaware of this condition. In the USA over half of adults over the age of 30 have some form of gum disease and potentially 85% of all Americans suffer from gum disease.

Some interesting facts:
1. Gum disease is contagious – you can get gum disease from kissing or even sharing utensils, thus a parent can pass on gum disease to children simply by sharing utensils.
2. Gum disease is “silent” – you may not even know that you have gum diseases until an advanced stage of the disease
3. Gum disease is chronic – our bodies work around the clock to combat the bacterial infection associated with gum disease and it leaves us vulnerable to other diseases

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Happy Australia Day! Sick of Watching the News? A Fun Diversion

Happy Australia Day!

This is a bit belated, but I am having a bit of a relaxing day after spending the weekend with friends and family and also some work around the place.  Like everyone else, it is great to socialise, but there is also the mundane to attend to.

Anyhow, today I find myself with a little bit of idle time and am catching up on some business emails (more mundane work?) and I see that my daughter, Ashleigh, sent me this link to add some fun to my day.  So, for anyone that is tired of the same-old, same-old on the news, and if you have also found yourself with some rare idle time to take a break, you might likewise enjoy watching this.

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