Smile Highlights 2019 - Great result with implants and crowns

This active man in his early forties presented with a fractured root on the upper left front tooth. Along with the fracture was an abscess and the tooth was very loose. Both upper front teeth had old crowns and both had root canal treatments many years ago.

 The upper left front tooth could not be saved and was removed. A temporary bridge was placed to replace this now missing tooth, and was attached temporarily to the upper right front tooth. A dental implant was then placed in the missing upper left front tooth position, and after 4 to 6 months of bone healing/integration, a new crown was placed on top of the dental implant. The final restorations were porcelain zirconia crowns on the 2 upper front teeth.
The patient is very happy with the result as we were able to save the upper right front tooth and restore the smile and his chewing function. A terrific result on what was a difficult case to preserve bone and gum tissues after a large fracture of the root.

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