Invisalign, A Clear Alternative

invisalign-modelSimply Beautiful Smiles is a fully accredited and certified Invisalign® provider, using breakthrough technology to give you the smile you've always wanted - without the hassle of braces.

There are no ugly, uncomfortable bands, brackets or wires, to catch on lips, cheeks and tongue. Instead, Invisalign is a virtually invisible system of a series of clear, removable aligners that straighten your teeth sooner than you think. Simply change them about every two weeks and your teeth will move – little by little – toward the smile you have always wanted.

invisalign-boxThese clear aligners can be removed allowing you to eat your usual favourite foods, and still maintain optimal oral health by allowing you to properly brush and floss your teeth normally to keep your teeth and gums healthy. And unlike braces, the aligners can also be removed for special occasions!

Importantly, included in our Invisalign service, we work closely with an extended team of Orthodontists, at no extra cost to you, the patient. The initial planning time is extended, though the actual treatment time is usually vastly reduced, leading to an exceptionally high compliance level with our own Invisalign cases.  Significantly, we do get incompleted Invisalign cases coming to us from elsewhere, asking us to complete the treatment.  The main difference we see in these cases is that the all-important planning phase was not as thorough as our own, here at Simply Beautiful Smiles.  Unfortunately, for these cases, the treatment time will be extended beyond what it should have been, as well as the extra costs that are usually, inevitably involved. 

I want a beautiful smile

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Smile makeover solutions for crooked/mal-aligned, chipped, discoloured or unaesthetic smile.

I want to replace missing teeth

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Dental Implants offering a permanent solution for replacing dentures, missing, failing or loose teeth.

I want straighter teeth

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Invisalign ("Invisible Braces") solution for crooked or mal-aligned teeth, unaesthetic smile.