A Beautiful, Conservative, Cosmetic Smile Makeover and a Very Appreciative, Grateful Patient

We treat some really, beautiful people, who just simply lack the confidence to smile. Elizabeth had old and failing dentistry for quite some time. We rejuvenated her smile with the best available materials and technology that modern dentistry can provide. In this case, we opted for a conservative laser smile lift procedure, to reduce the gummy smile, and porcelain crown restorations to rebuild the six upper front teeth. The lower teeth supported her new smile, being highlighted with a take home whitening-procedure.

In Elizabeth’s own words…..

“I would like to thank Dr Wells and his team at Simply Beautiful Smiles for their support and professional customer service.

To Dr Wells, I am forever grateful for your time and your exceptional talent in delivering upon my amazing smile makeover. From the onset you took the time to walk me through the treatment program, answered all my questions and through the process shared as much or as little information as I required. I was terrified. However, your pain free treatment and including your calm and caring nature made the journey so much easier. Thank you.

Treatment included: removal of my old bonding, upper gum lift, six upper crowns, reshaping of lower teeth and teeth whitening. (Apologies for any incorrect terminology)

No more hiding when having to smile, rather feeling awesome and confident.

Thank you.”

We are happy that we have made an impact in her life.

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