Offering quality family dental care to our community for over 30 years


Offering general dental care to the community for over 30 years

Advancements in dental technology, materials, techniques and treatment options are happening every day. At Simply Beautiful Smiles, we are committed to providing our patients with a cutting-edge standard of care, and as a result, we are constantly reviewing our code of practice and approach to treatment. Here are some of the latest additions to our practice:


To pursue the highest quality of care for our patients, the dentists at Simply Beautiful Smiles have teamed up with world renowned medical technology innovators, Zeiss. Microscopy in dentistry allows for more accurate diagnosis and treatment. The Extaro 300 microscope provides breakthrough technology to microdentistry including augmented visualisation. We believe that preservation of tooth structure is a corner stone of modern dentistry and microdentistry will enable the best outcomes for our patients.

EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master System

The EMS Prophy Jet is the most advanced technology on the market, for an effective and comfortable way to have your teeth cleaned. This new approach combines a select mixture of an isotonic powder, water and refined fine air pressure , utilising a proprietary Air-Flow, vortex technique. The soft slurry of air, powder and water efficiently and effectively removes the layers of soft plaque and bacteria from your teeth. This is a much nicer way of plaque removal than the traditional method of prophylaxis with the dental drill, rubber cup and dental paste.

This cleaning protocol may also include the use of a harmless plaque disclosing dye, which will show up any transparent layers of biofilm. Biofilm is the bacterial component of the plaque, that is the main cause of tooth decay and periodontal diseases, including gingivitis. The EMS Air-Flow gently removes these deposits, along with stubborn stains such as those from drinking tea and coffee. In some cases there will still be a need for the ultrasonic vibrating device to remove residual deposits of the hard plaques, called calculus. However, this is minimised and softened by the pre-use of the Prophy Jet.

You’ll be amazed by how gentle it is and how great your smile looks and feels after just one visit!

Intraoral camera and scanning

When designing your smile, your dentist needs to ensure a perfect fit. Digital smile planning is the way of the future. By taking a detailed scan of your mouth, our doctors, Dr Wells and Dr Peterson, are able to be customised with a level of detail and accuracy not achievable with traditional methods.

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