Treatment Plans

An Attractive Smile Reflects a Healthy Life

Treatment Plans

An Attractive Smile Reflects a Healthy Life


The mouth is carefully analysed to determine the best location for the implants. Then a treatment plan is designed that is appropriate for each individual. The actual process of receiving implants is generally comfortable, and the implants literally become attached to the jaw bone and have excellent retention. In most cases, they are as comfortable and solid as your own teeth.

The initial phase of dental implants is to have a surgical procedure that involves placing the implants in the jaw bone. Thanks to local anaesthesia, implant placement can be performed very quickly and relatively pain-free. With careful preparation and execution, the treatment should conclude without problems and with minimal risk.

Today, in the vast majority of cases, implant integration occurs quite quickly and without problems. Any minimal discomfort improves rapidly following implant insertion. In a minority of cases, it may take four to six months and in rare cases, up to a year for the implant to become strongly attached to the bone. In these cases the doctor will know the implant will take time to integrate, and any patient who has worn dentures previously can continue to do so. If the implants are placed in a site that is not required for chewing, then the implants can heal by themselves.

Following integration, the last step of any implant treatment is the attachment of the final new tooth or teeth. Final teeth are individually designed to suit your face, skin tone, age and/or preferences. They are attached to the implant/s using cement or tiny screws.

Regardless of which option you choose, the retention of your prosthesis will be stronger than ever. Everything should fit and feel much better. Your dental health will be markedly improved. Dental implants can significantly improve the quality of your life. Best of all, you should be more confident and comfortable when you are eating and smiling.

Many patients who have dental implants comment that the quality of their lives has significantly improved. They feel more confident and comfortable eating. After 40 years of intensive worldwide research and success rates approaching 97%, we are confident that implants will be a superb benefit for our patients who are missing teeth.

Even if you are wearing a full or partial denture at this time, implants can improve the cosmetics, retention and preservation of the jaw bones. With the use of implants, many problems associated with missing teeth or dentures have been eliminated.

Our office is committed to offering the most advanced technology available that will help our patients. Today, any patient who is missing teeth is most likely a candidate for dental implants. The implants last for many years and provide enhanced function and aesthetics. The process of dental implant treatment is generally comfortable and the final results are like your own teeth.

Because Dr Wells has training, expertise, and over thirty years of experience working with dental implants and cosmetic dentistry, he is able to offer a number of options to brighten smiles. Dental implants improve cosmetics because they look, feel and work like natural teeth.

Our entire office is proud of the implant services we are providing. Implant dentistry is one of the most exciting new disciplines in dentistry and is changing the lives of many of our patients. We invite you to learn more about the many options available to you. We look forward to seeing you and answering any questions you may have about dental implants and any of the problems associated with missing teeth, dentures and removable bridges.

Please note that any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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