A Collegiate Approach with Referring Doctors – Implant Placement for a Future Restorative Makeover

At Simply Beautiful Smiles, Dr John Wells sometimes partners with referring doctors to assist with their patients’ care.

“It’s a great privilege to work with other professionals to achieve an outcome that can be hard, at times, to deliver alone. A collegiate approach to fine dentistry gives our wonderful patients the opportunity for optimal care and predictable treatment outcomes” says Dr Wells.

Our heartfelt appreciation to our referring doctor, Dr Rand Younes, for this referral, and for her kind recommendation and trust in our care.  In this case, Dr Wells was asked to place a suitable implant for future restorative work performed by Dr Younes.

Implant Placement
Implant Placement

Take a look at these beautiful words by Julie, from her own point of view and a lovely, simple response from Dr Rand Younes, the referring provider.

We appreciate Julie for entrusting us with her smile!

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