A Shout-out to Dr John Wells and his Mentee Dr Rand Younes

Dr John Wells and Simply Beautiful Smiles were recognised recently in the Australian Bite Magazine in the cover article on Dr Rand Younis for John’s mentoring role in helping her make an impact in the dental community.

Some of our patients have had the pleasure of meeting this outstanding young woman, who has achieved much in her 24 short years.  Her story is inspirational and well worth the read at https://www.bitemagazine.com.au/how-dr-rand-younes-is-making-an-impact/

Dr Younes graduated from Charles Sturt University at only 20 years of age and had already started a mobile dental clinic at just 17 years of age. An excerpt from the article reads as follows:

After graduating in 2020, Dr Younes worked in private practices as well as ran a mobile dental clinic. She wanted to be mentored by a dentist with the skills, outlook and empathy that matched her own. “I was having difficulty finding the right mentor and the right work environment,” says Dr Younes. “When I mentioned it in passing to my coach at my Crossfit gym, he introduced me to Dr John Wells. We became Crossfit buddies and he invited me to visit his practice, Simply Beautiful Smiles in Penrith, NSW. John provides high-end quality dentistry in an unstressed environment and his patients love him. He became my mentor and I wanted to run a practice based on his model.”

Anyone that knows Dr Wells knows that he is very compassionate towards others and has a passion for dentistry and helping others. It is no surprise that he gives so generously of his time. And anyone that knows Dr Rand Younes will know that this young woman is going places. Fast! For both doctors, who were buddied up in Crossfit during strict Covid restrictions, the camaraderie has been a very positive life experience that each one treasures. Dr Wells is a referral partner for implant dentistry for Dr Younes and her practice and he is always available to her for tricky cosmetic or surgical issues that the young (now only 24 years of age) Dr Younes may encounter.

Being able to “pay it forward” is a pleasurably rewarding experience for Dr Wells. Given what this young woman is sharing and achieving on her merit, Dr Younes is an inspiration for a new generation of young dentists.

Our congratulations go to Dr Rand Younes.

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