All-on-4 Implant Program

During this last week, Dr Wells completed an advanced 3 day clinical residency program in Melbourne, on All-on-4 PLUS implant treatment.

The course was an over-the-shoulder course with Dr Alex Fibishenko, a world leader in this field of full jaw implant rehabilitation. The course was an intense, in-depth surgical residency, and involved participation in advanced implant procedures, including special grafting techniques, sinus lifts and bone augmentation.  The course is especially useful in that it showed the latest techniques available in allowing implant placement into places where bone has been lost, for example, the upper back jaw. That area loses bone quickly when teeth are removed and the sinus expands like a balloon to fill up the bone space. 

Previously, once bone was lost in this area, there was not much that could be done in terms of placing dental implants, and options were severely limited.  Now. we can grow new bone with sinus grafting, and place implants in these areas.   The techniques are relatively quick and recovery is usually uneventful.

Dr Wells has obtained new knowledge and updated technology, whilst increasing his repertoire of protocols/procedures in this exciting field of dental implant tooth replacement.

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