Children’s Dental Health

The experience and training of our principal cosmetic dentist, Dr John Wells, means his services are sought after predominantly by the adult population. There are times, however, when the experience and training of our principal dentist are called upon to attend to a young person’s dental needs. This may be because of an accident, even simple ones involving damage to front teeth (for example with trampoline injuries), or because of cosmetic or inherited conditions.

Generally, our treatment with children is very conservative and not permanent, so that once children are older they can make more permanent decisions about their own teeth. Below is a case highlighting bonding techniques used on a child, a reversible technique, but one where the results should last a few years. A decision can then be delayed for some years regarding more permanent, and longer-lasting cosmetic procedures.

Cosmetic Bonding Techniques on a Child

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“I just thought I’d drop you a quick line to let you know how much Sam is enjoying her new smile. She is absolutely ecstatic (and so are we)! Most pleasing is that you have achieved such a fantastic smile for her without the risk of surgery or years of braces etc. Having transformed my own smile, I know exactly how she’s feeling, being confident to flash her ‘simply beautiful smile’. Thanks again for providing such wonderful service.” Sharyn Longdon – Penrith area

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