Complimentary (FREE) Initial Smile Evaluation (normal consultation value of $200)

We all know someone who hides their smile but have you ever considered that it may be because they are embarrassed to show their teeth? This is very common and at the same time very sad.

We have previously offered complimentary smile evaluations to anyone who was unhappy with their smile and wanted to know their options.

We have decided for the first time to make this offer on our Facebook and Blog pages. At Simply Beautiful Smiles, we pride ourselves on making changes to people’s lives that make a difference. Just look at some of our previously posted Before and After cases (or some of our Smiles of the Month) to see for yourself the dramatic changes that we have made for some of our patients.

So, if you have a friend or family member who needs some help with their smile, all you need to do is mention this offer and call us on (02) 47 311 599 to book in. It’s absolutely free and we get comments all the time on how comprehensive our assessments are. You will receive a complete initial assessment that usually costs $200 and includes:

  •  Comprehensive Smile and dental health assessment, meeting with both the doctor and the team.
  •  Clear diagnosis
  •  Personalised plan with a range of options as appropriate.

Please note that in complex cases a second consultation will be scheduled to present and discuss in detail, your personalised dental care/smile plan, as the doctor may need to review all collected data and properly assess the treatment options. We will then want to discuss the plan with you personally, to explain your choices clearly and answer any questions you may have. There will be no charge for this follow-up consultation.

All you have to do is call us on (02( 47 311 599 to book. Make sure you, or your friend, mentions this post when booking. This offer is valid until 28th February 2017 and can only be used once per individual.

Kind regards
Dr John Wells (BDS)
Principal Dental Surgeon

looking for the next step?

Contact us for a no obligation consult.


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