Fantastic January 2019 Smile Makeover Result – Touch-ups following stubborn Orthodontics Treatment

This lovely 30 year old lady had orthodontics in another practice to correct her bite and has just completed treatment. Unfortunately, the 2 canine teeth did not cooperate very well and remained locked somewhat upward in the palate and upper jaw bone. This was a troubling concern for the patient and she came to us to see if anything else could be done.

She was very happy to hear that, yes, we could help!

First stage was a laser gum lift correction to re-establish a correct gum-line and even the contour heights to achieve a more pleasing emergence of the teeth from the gums.

Secondly a course of take home teeth whitening to improve the overall teeth colour and balance the brightness.

Finally, 2 custom porcelain crowns were designed specifically to replace the missing crown contours of the 2 canine teeth, aimed to both improve the shape and create smile harmony.

This young lady is very pleased with the overall result and we have saved a difficult orthodontic case from disappointment. It was very satisfying for our team to help our wonderful patient create the smile of her dreams, and achievable only through the treatment skills and hands of the well-trained and very experience cosmetic dentist, Dr Wells.

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