Friend of a friend dies from a toothache! Plus Covid update.

We personally experienced news of a close friend of a patient who died just several months ago in Sydney of a tooth ache!  This week marks Dental Heath Week, and in an upcoming Blog, we will discuss the importance of maintaining optimum oral health.

Sometimes, we put off a dental checkup and professional teeth cleaning as it is a bit of a hassle in our daily lives. Sometimes, we even put up with a bit of discomfort too from a toothache, hoping that it will go away. Sadly, our patient’s friend, who put up with a toothache and subsequent fevers for a month left it too late to get the help they needed.

Due to Covid, many of us have had our lives and routines interrupted. Please remember to maintain good oral health habits and importantly, visit with your dentist on a regular basis to ensure that you are keeping your oral health on track. It is also always easier to fix smaller issues rather than larger issues.

Please note that during this present Covid situation, our office is still open albeit on reduced hours. We will be manning our telephones daily and we will be available should you need assistance. If we are unable to answer the telephone when you call, please be sure to leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Best regards

Dr John Wells and Dr Andrew Peterson

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