Functional and Aesthetically Pleasing Dental Implants and Crowns

This lovely lady in her 70’s presented wearing a partial upper denture for the 2 upper front teeth.

She hated wearing a denture as it made her “feel old” and it moved when she ate. She is a spritely lady and very social. The denture lessened her social experience and reduced her ability to enjoy food.

She was concerned that nothing could be done to help.

A dental implant solution was discussed, involving the placement of 2 dental implants to replace the missing two front teeth. These were restored after 4 months of bone integration and healing, with a splinted pair of porcelain/zirconia crowns. The entire treatment time was approximately 6 months. She was still able to wear her current denture through the healing phase of the implants “osseo-integration”, that is, the fusing of the implants into the natural bone. This procedure was relatively painless and the patient required no post-operative pain medication at all!

Our wonderful patient is very confident in her smile now and loves her new teeth. The gum response is outstanding and her ability to chew also with confidence is a great boost to her lifestyle.

All round, a very satisfying and pleasing outcome for a technically difficult smile procedure.

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