Intraoral camera, digital video examination

Intraoral camera, digital video examination

The Intraoral Camera allows us to see your teeth and your mouth in a magnified version on a colour computer monitor. This can be done comfortably in minutes with a small hand-held camera, which helps us to make a better diagnosis about your condition.
Another advantage of the Intraoral Camera system is that it will allow you to fully understand the present condition of your mouth and how different situations can be treated. This will help you to comprehend the long-term benefits of different dental options.

By using these highly advanced screening techniques as a regular part of a patient’s dental evaluation, prevention and treatment plans can be established that will reduce the possibility of more complicated therapies at a later date. Since the system is advantageous in understanding both diagnosis and treatment, your clinical results will be superior.
The members of our practice have all been trained with the Intraoral Camera to ensure that you receive the highest quality of oral health. The addition of the Intraoral Camera to our practice is part of our commitment to offer you the finest dentistry available anywhere.

Cosmetic Video Imaging

Our computer imaging system allows us to project your smile onto a video screen. Right before your eyes, we can simulate the replacement of missing teeth, turn silver fillings into white composite fillings, whiten teeth, insert porcelain crowns, place porcelain veneers and much more.

When we have completed your new look, we can print out a Polaroid photograph so that you can take it home with you. A beautiful smile can dramatically enhance your appearance and confidence like nothing else can.

See what cosmetic dentistry could do for you with our video imaging system.

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