Laser Dentistry

At Simply Beautiful Smiles, we have had many years of experience using various lasers.  Lasers are inherently inefficient in cutting hard tissue, such as tooth structure and roots.  In our office we have chosen to use instead, high torque/low revolution electro/magnetic handpieces, with improved cutting efficiency by 60% and reduced output noise by 50% (and at a much lower frequency). This means less time in the chair and shorter dental procedure times.

Several years ago, we replaced our traditional dental laser with an Acusect acoustic laser module. This is a dedicated module used in cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. This unit uses a discreet, very narrow band inaudible to human ears, a soundwave instead a visible light frequency, to ablate or cut soft tissues.

This unit is extremely efficient for procedure such as “gum lifts” and minor soft tissue procedures, removal of polys, tongue ties etc. Ablation and cautery are simultaneous, so tissue trauma is very minor and healing times are fast and improved.

Because of the different wavelengths available in different lasers, each laser will have its own specific use. No one laser can perform all tasks required by dentists using lasers in their day-to-day work.


In 2017, Dr Wells was interviewed for a dental magazine about his experience with Acusect.  Here is an


excerpt from the article:

“The AcuSect works much better than an electrosurge and is my go-to equipment for soft tissue trim

ming. I own two of these units—one in each of my surgeries.

It uses radio-wave energy and is very low heat compared to an electrosurge. It provides precision cutting and simultaneous coagulation with minimal lateral damage to any other tissue. There’s better and faster healing than with a conventional electrosurge.

The electrodes are malleable and can be bent to any angle. The electrodes also come in a variety of sizes—from as thin as a human hair to something that resembles a scalpel blade. It also includes unusual shapes like little balls and right angle cuts.

I do a lot of flap surgery with the AcuSect and there is minimal bleeding, fast healing and virtually no scarring. It also works perfectly well in a liquid medium whereas electrosurges are a bit hit and miss if any blood or saliva is present.

There’s no damage when used around an implant because there’s such low heat. I use it routinely for exposure, healing abutments and screws for second-stage surgery.”

 A link to the full article is provided here: Acusect in Bite Magazine


Gum Lifts using the Acusect

If you suffer with a very high smile line, showing excessive gum, you could be a candidate for a soft tissue gum lift procedure. The following case shows an example where a laser was used to quickly and painlessly perform a gum lift, with only light anaesthesia. The procedure leaves a very pleasing, permanent result for approved candidates

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The case above highlights a Smile Makeover using dental veneers, as well as a laser gum lift to achieve this stunning result. Refer to the testimonial of “Anita” for how this makeover changed her life.

Today, our surgery also performs gum lifts using injectables. These results are also very pleasing, simple but temporary, for those where a laser may not be a suitable option.

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