Microdentistry – No Needles or Drills

about-laserdentistryIn up to 80% of cases, the need for local anaesthetic injections and drilling can be avoided or significantly reduced, by the use of new Laser dentistry. Here, special wavelengths of light are used to remove tooth decay and some broken-down filling materials. Due to the reduced pressure applied to the tooth, there is little or no sensitivity. With no vibrations, high pitched noise, and smells that are usually associated with the drill, as well as in most cases no need of an injection, a filling need no longer be something to fear.

Our Biolase laser unit has been directly imported from the United States. Members of our staff have studied this technology overseas and our office is accredited to use this technology in Australia. Simply Beautiful Smiles has equipped it’s office with the new technology to continue to provide our patients with the finest dentistry available.

Laser dentistry is especially useful for use on early decay and small to moderate cavities. The laser simply wipes away the decay! Treatment time and dental procedures can be kept to a minimum. Dental disease can be treated earlier with a greater degree of accuracy and less preparation, and therefore destruction, of tooth structure. Children love it because there is no noise and no vibration!

Early Intervention

Tooth decay can be treated and detected at a much earlier stage. Special indicator dyes can be used to aid in early detection of decay in hard to get at and hard to see places, such as the grooves and pits in your teeth. Decay in these areas of your teeth sometimes do not show up on a check-up x-ray until they are quite large and can often go unnoticed for many years. By the time they are discovered, the hole in your tooth can be quite large, although, it is often hidden inside the outer layer of your tooth, the enamel. When repaired at this early stage, there is little or no loss of strength in the tooth and it can be sealed with a tooth-coloured material, which helps to bond the tooth together.
Although the importation and provision of this new technology represents quite an investment by Simply Beautiful Smiles, the time savings in using the technology means that there is no extra cost to you. In fact, early detection and treatment of your dental disease will reduce the need for more involved and/or expensive dentistry.

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