No More Nightmares About Teeth – May Smile of the Month

This bubbly, vivacious young woman, in her early 20s, had a ‘gummy’ smile with very weak teeth. Her teeth were so weak that pieces would chip off and she suffered nightmares worrying about her teeth. The patient was also embarrassed and unhappy with her smile. Her directive to our younger dentist, Dr Andrew Peterson, was that she wanted to strengthen her teeth and restore them to how she remembered them when she was younger.

On examination, the teeth had decay, extreme wear with chipped and very thin teeth.


Dr Andrew Peterson, under the mentorship of Dr John Wells, proceeded with conservative acoustic laser gum recontouring to give a beautiful cosmetic result for the issue with the ‘gummy’ smile. With regard to the teeth themselves, the patient also required 4 crowns and 2 premium porcelain veneers.

The patient was absolutely thrilled with the final result and was most excited that her new smile reminded her of her own teeth before they were damaged, but strengthened and even more beautiful than she remembered it.

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