Smile Highlight – A Very Challenging Though Satisfying Case

This gentlemen in his 60’s has a very narrow upper arch and almost a cleft in his palate. As a result, the upper teeth were severely crowded, the gum was all in the wrong alignment and there was considerable cosmetic and functional default.
The upper jaw teeth were reconstructed with porcelain zirconia crowns and a “gum lift” procedure undertaken to improve the appearance of the smiling gum line.

The jaw appearance was widened, the teeth made a more natural size and the colour lightened.
Future dental implants and crowns will develop the upper left arch even more and replace the remaining missing teeth in the smile line. This will be the subject of a future blog.
Our lovely patient has a better bite, a more pleasing, natural and wider smile and is very happy with the result.
This was a very satisfying case to treat, being both difficult, technically demanding and in the end providing a lasting, functional and aesthetic smile improving his quality of life.

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