Smile of the Month – April 2017 – A case highlighted the hazards of going for cheaper dentistry. Crown and bridgework.Buyer beware!

Bad Dentistry – a case of dentistry gone wrong

This 46 year old female presented with a recently made crown and bridge which was initially intended to improve her upper teeth. It is not hard to see why the patient was not happy with the result.

The patient presented at our office for a second opinion and a review of her options. Following a complete case review and in depth consultation, the patient elected to complete all 10 upper front teeth to improve the shape, colour and bite.

This patient left our office with her new smile extremely happy with the result we achieved and has a list of referrals ready to go.

This is a case where shopping for the best price or not doing enough research, does not always work out. Most often, there is a compromise on not only the quality of the laboratory work but also the aesthetics of the lab work. The dentistry (including even implant dentistry) is often poorly executed and there are often bite issues, resulting in pain on chewing as well as neck pain and headaches and can also result in breakages of the finished product.

We wish we could cut our costs and still produce exceptional work, but the two do not go hand in hand. Unfortunately, we see too many cases like this – almost every day we see cases of poor dentistry presenting to us.  This includes shoddy implant work made with poor quality implants that break in the jaw.  All done to save overhead.  We will never compromise on quality.

For peace of mind, always research, look for before and after photos of actual work performed, even ask people with great teeth for referrals to a great dentist. Unfortunately, we are no longer allowed to post testimonials (probably because of the posting of false testimonials by some), but people are allowed to post onto public sites such as Google.

We welcome Google and Facebook reviews and although many of our clients want anonymity, we always try to post our Smiles of the Month with patient confidentiality foremost in our minds.

This case highlights our motto – “Exceptional Dentistry ~ Exceptional Care!”

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