Smile of the Month – February 2017

This is the case of a 43 year old male whose initial concerns were his two top front teeth, one which was an old crown (his top right) and the other his left, discoloured upper front tooth.

Following a personal consultation to customise his treatment options, and after realising a Complete Smile Makeover was possible, the patient elected to treat 8 upper front teeth. The 2 front teeth were crowned using porcelain/zirconia crowns, and the other 6 teeth were veneered with premium hand-tinted porcelain veneers.

The patient and his wife are so happy with the result, they are planning to have the lower front teeth made-over with porcelain veneers in the near future, to complete his amazing smile makeover.

Note the over-all improvement in gum health and closing of the “dark triangle” in between the front teeth. The outstanding bio-compatibility of dental porcelains and zirconia crowns are well demonstrated here.

Just another example of a case that looks easy, but not achievable without years of experience and skill, backed up by our world-class laboratory, located here in Sydney.  Another amazing smile by Dr John Wells and the Team at Simply Beautiful Smiles!

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