Special Needs and Special Technology

Some of us need that little extra TLC when it comes to dental treatment. We understand and empathise with your concerns, since dentists are human too! As examples of various ways in which we can provide this TLC we have relaxants, Microdentistry with laser technology (also available for some procedures with no needles or drills necessary), intra-oral toothcam for better visibility and discussion of your dental needs and specially trained staff that cater for your every need.

The dentist is always available to discuss with you your special needs or concerns. Please do not hesitate to ask. We are all individuals and deserve to be treated that way!

Other advanced technologies, such as CAD CAM computer generated porcelain restorations and other tooth-coloured fillings, are regularly used by our dental team to provide longer lasting, more tooth conserving dentistry. They are discussed in greater detail in our Art Of Dentistry section.

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