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We are no longer allowed by law to have true testimonials on our website (see below for an explanation of how dentists are regulated), so our Testimonial page now features photos that we are given by our happy patients showing how we have helped change their lives.  Every photo on this page, shows a client, often with loved ones on a special occasion for which they came to us for help.  We hope you enjoy!

John just "Hanging With" Disney's Adam and Ash

Just hanging for the day with Disney’s Hanging With Adam and Ash .  Here is Ash with Adam and her Mum and Dad (Dr John Wells).  Beautiful smiles all round!  See the Blog for more details on this fun day! Love Your Dentist! International Dentist Day 6th March 2017

Stephanie on her Wedding Day

Stephanie on her wedding day.  Says Stephanie: “I am back from my wedding and honeymoon.  Also here’s a photo from my wedding, I got sooo many compliments on my teeth and smile.”

Ashleigh in LA

Ashleigh Wells in LA as co-host of Hanging with Adam and Ash.  Ashleigh is the youngest daughter of Dr Wells.






For more photos, you can visit our Facebook page which is regularly updated with our Smiles of the Month.

Why dentists are not allowed to use true testimonials anymore

We get many “Thank you” cards and letters from our patients, telling us how much we have changed their lives for the better.

Prior to 2014, dentists were allowed to use testimonials from their patients on their websites. We had some lovely testimonials (audio and written) from our patients but we are no longer allowed to use these under the new advertising guidelines for registered health practitioners. Any testimonials we used in the past were all verifiable.

A significant proportion of our new patients come from “Word of Mouth” referrals. Oftentimes they are from our own patients, or their friends or loved ones. Many referrals also come from businesses we deal with in the course of running the day-to-day business of running the practice.

Our motto is “Exceptional Dentistry ~ Exceptional Care”. Our principal dentist has high expectations and works to a very high standard. At the same time as providing exceptional dentistry, we strive to deliver exceptional care. We are proud of the reputation we have gained over almost 3 decades working in the Penrith area.

Should you be looking for a dentist to serve your needs, do your research on the issue at hand, but also ask around to find a suitable dental practitioner to serve your needs. Ask friends, ask family, ask acquaintances. If you see someone with a beautiful smile, compliment them and ask them if they can recommend a good dentist. Sometimes a beautiful smile is completely natural, but even with the gift of nature on your side, accidents, illness and the daily grind that our teeth have to suffer (eating and stress), all of these can render even a natural, beautiful smile to damage. If you are local. ask a few people for their recommendations and see if the same dentist’s name comes up. That may help you choose someone to serve your dental needs.

So why do dentists advertise? For us, the answer is two-fold:

Firstly, there are many services we provide that are not offered by all dentists. It may be because of the equipment we use or training that we pursue. We love doing dentistry and we want everyone to know what is available to them thanks to the wonders of modern day dentistry. Dentistry is no longer confined to the realms of checkups and cleans, and of pain relief using mercury fillings, painful root canals that take more than one visit to do, or extractions. Everyone can have a beautiful smile, or at least, a better smile. Anyone that is self-conscious of their smile will tell you also how it potentially limits their lives, even to the point where they will never smile or will hold their hand in front of their mouths to smile. People tell us this all the time.

Secondly, once we do a smile makeover, there is little left to do except for general maintenance for the life of the dentistry. We warrantee our work, the only proviso being that you visit with us for your regular hygiene visits so we can assess your smile and any issues that may affect the dentistry which you yourself may not even be aware of. So, once a smile is completed, we need to find another smile to do.

We love creating smiles and it is immensely rewarding for us. We love hearing how we have changed people’s lives and how we have made a difference in their lives!

The greatest compliment our patients can give us is the referral of their friends and loved ones.










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