Your First Visit

about-firstvisit-1Our specially trained team are excited to welcome you to the Simply Beautiful Smiles experience.

At your first visit, we will ask you to fill in some medical history and consent forms so that we can know how best to safely assist you. Things that you may not think are relevant to your teeth could well affect your health, your dental treatment outcome or procedure, so please share with us as much as you can. Your dentist will be happy to discuss any concerns or issues privately with you, and all information is strictly confidential. You should also make your dentist aware of any changes to your medication or health status each time you visit. If there is a chance you may be pregnant, your dentist will need to know as it may affect what procedures are safe to perform.


Your dentist will sit down with you and listen to your areas of concern. It’s important to us to know what you expect from your dental treatment. The more information we have, the better we will be able to serve your needs.

A thorough and complete dental examination will be performed and any necessary records taken. We will also let you know if any further investigations or diagnostic tests are necessary. Your dentist will sit down with you and discuss their findings and, if appropriate, a range of available treatment options.


Your dentist will arrange for you to be presented with an accurate estimate of fees for any proposed dental services in advance of your treatment.

Your comfort, safety and care are paramount to us. Please let us know if there are any ways that we can increase your comfort level during your visit.


looking for the next step?

Contact us for a no obligation consult.


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