A beautiful, natural result with hand-tinted, porcelain crowns

This lovely lady, in her middle years, had severe wear and attrition of the upper 2 front teeth. Her main concern was the “chipping” of the teeth and poor aesthetics. An examination revealed severely worn 2 upper front teeth and a traumatic bite from over erupted bottom teeth. The upper smile line appears as a reverse of the normal smile line, bending upwards making the front teeth appear short.

Many options were available, including treating the 6 upper front teeth to change the shape and overall colour of the smile.

Alternatively, 2 teeth upper front teeth only may be treated with porcelain/zirconia crowns and the teeth matched to the existing teeth colour.  This was the most difficult treatment option for the dentist as the most difficult task that a dentist faces is colour-matching just a single of two top front teeth so that no one can tell the difference.

This latter choice was made, to rebuild the shape, colour and length of the 2 upper front teeth. The lower front teeth were reshaped and reduced in length to accommodate the new bite and improve the smile line and overall aesthetics.

The colour of the teeth was trialled and then custom tinted for effect, by our fantastic dental laboratory, right here in Penrith. The result is a great match to the original teeth colour and an overall great smile improvement, with minimum intervention.

Our lovely patient is very happy with the result and more confident in her smile. A very pleasing result in all.

This beautiful porcelain and zirconia smile case was designed, constructed and custom finished by hand at our Australian owned and operated dental prosthetics laboratory, Grant Davis Advanced Prosthetics, right here in Penrith. We are blessed and grateful to have a World Class dental laboratory right on our doorstep.

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