Teeth Whitening in the News – Potential to Cause Damage

I note recently an article in the news about teeth whitening kits purchased over the counter or online that use powders and oils, gels, toothpastes and LED lights – see the link here: Home teeth whitening kits can cause ‘permanent damage’

Damage to enamel can be permanent and there is also the potential for burned gums and blisters in the mouth and around the lips.

Here at Simply Beautiful Smiles, most of the issues we see here with over the counter teeth whitening kits relate to ineffective use due to poor concentrations of the active ingredients.  This is then both a waste of time and money and usually leaves the purchaser reluctant to try again.

We use specially formulated products, that can only be used and prescribed by dentists.  The actual process of treatment undertaken within the dental office is supervised to ensure that there is no permanent damage to tooth enamel and to immediately stop treatment should there be side effects, instead of unwittingly continuing treatment as would happen without supervision.  Added to that, the dentist will not undertake any treatment if they believe that it is unsuitable or unsafe to do so.

Our products have higher efficacy than products purchased over the internet or shop counter, so we get great results with tooth whitening, and few if any side effects, especially because of the supervision during treatment for unforeseen side effects, which can happen.

Also, with our take-home top-up kits, you are only a telephone call away for advice if you should require it. 

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