A dramatic smile makeover with porcelain veneers and implants

Following a career in contact sports, this lovely gentleman attended our office thinking he may need to have all of his teeth removed and have dentures or dental implants. As he was in his thirties, this was not an option to be contemplated lightly. After a thorough evaluation and treatment planning process, it was mutually decided, that all the teeth be rehabilitated with implants and porcelain/zirconia technology, in this case, full coverage crowns.

The bite was re-opened up, as it had collapsed due to a lack of bite support. Gums and teeth that could be saved were brought back to health beforehand.

At our initial consultation the patient was too embarrassed to smile. Now he doesn’t stop smiling. He says his life is thoroughly transformed.

Our wonderful patient was overjoyed with the end result and is looking forward to wearing white (in his new smile) on his wedding day in 2022.

A very satisfying case and a well-deserved smile for this young man.

Another smile makeover by Dr John Wells

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