How Much do Veneers Cost?

A question that comes up often in our practice is “how much do veneers cost?”. It’s a very real concern and obviously an important consideration.  Many people also ask this question because they often don’t know what else to ask.

There are many factors determining the fees for a smile case, which determines its overall cost, such as:

1. How many teeth are involved to correct the smile and achieve the desired outcome.
2. Choice of materials and choice of dental laboratory. This is often determined by the dentist alone, to provide the best outcome for the longevity and strength of the veneers.  There are so many choices available and quality, durability and the visual artistry is wide ranging. My patients seek high quality materials and support local manufacture.
3. Experience of the dental ceramist who is recreating the smile. Experience in the choice of a ceramist is a key fundamental principle in the outcome of the case. I choose to work with a Master Dental Ceramist every time. My patients have an expectation of the best treatment available, and my professional technical support team are a big part of that.
4. Overseas dental laboratories. They are often a cheaper laboratory used by some dentists, to provide veneers. Their infection control procedures and rigour of manufacture, quality of materials and quality control, etc, are hard to monitor remotely.  We never use overseas laboratories.
5. The expectations of the patient. Higher expectations require more time, effort and technical ability to provide the desired result. Experience really does matter in these circumstances. Incredible attention to the smallest, finest detail is critical as it makes all the difference.
6. Experience of your chosen aesthetic dentist. There are many paths to experience, including quality education and completed case load. You should ask your dentist about their experience and if available, have a look at some of their completed cases.
7. Another factor is the case itself. Some teeth require more work, for example a single tooth veneer. Matching 1 or 2 teeth to an existing set of natural teeth is immensely difficult and highly technically demanding. More appointments and additional try-ins of the case may be required. Gum modifications or bite adjustments may be indicated as well.

These are the most common factors determining the cost of a dental veneer.

A group of dental veneers may range from $1000 to $2500 each, depending on the factors above.  Individual teeth, whether a crown or a veneer may cost even more to achieve a higher level of bio-mimicry, that is how a natural tooth looks and feels, and how it blends in with the other teeth.

It’s a good idea to ask your dentist about choices of materials, experience, and the desired outcome before deciding on your final choice.  Often there are several choices available to you.  Being fully informed of the potential outcomes and risks (if any) associated with the treatment, as well as likely issues affecting longevity of the veneer case are important matters to be considered.

Care and maintenance is also an important consideration for long term durability. Veneers are an investment in your health (and looks) and need to be looked after.  Ask your cosmetic dentist about your concerns and your desired outcome. Being fully informed is about good information and good understanding.

From the desk of Dr John Wells

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