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A Technically Difficult and Ultra Conservative Smile Makeover

This lovely lady in her mid-thirties, has two side front teeth that were mismatched in size and shape. These teeth were malformed during tooth development. The left second front tooth had a shortened gum height and was slightly narrower than the right tooth. These teeth were bonded with a tooth coloured filling as a direct bonded veneer as a medium term measure.

After a couple of years, our patient was ready for a more permanent tooth coloured restoration. A “gum lift” procedure was performed to raise the gum height approximately 1.5 mm, on the patients second left upper front tooth. Both lateral incisors (second front teeth) were then finally restored with 2 porcelain veneers.

Tooth whitening to the other upper and lower front teeth was performed at home, with a custom fitted pair of bleaching trays., for about an hour each day for a week. The case was finished with a removable retainer to stop her teeth from moving with night clenching.

Our patient is delighted with the result and can look forward to many years of smiling with the beautiful veneers, with good home care and minor maintenance (regular dental check-ups.)

Note: Matching one or two dental veneers to existing teeth is one of the hardest things that a dentist is ever asked to do. This is a beautiful result by Dr John Wells.


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