A beautiful smile makeover using a dental bridge and veneers

Smile Makeover to Correct Poor Dentistry

This patient in her mid-twenties unfortunately had some previously poor dental treatment which resulted in the removal of four teeth in the middle of her smile.

Veneers to wind back the clock:

This patient came to us hoping to restore her teeth after years of damage and poor maintenance. We love that we are able to create

Crowns to repair discolouration

A busy executive, this kindly gentleman presented with broken down upper front teeth. His smile was disfigured, discoloured and socially debilitating. Six upper front teeth

Penrith Dentist

Dental Microscopy

At Simply Beautiful Smiles, we have always endeavoured to bring to Penrith cutting edge technology and to be leaders in our field. As part of

Covid – Update

Like many in Sydney, the team at Simply Beautiful Smiles has also been significantly affected by the current Omicron outbreak. As part of keeping our

Happy New Year Message to Friends

Happy New Year! On behalf of the team at Simply Beautiful Smiles, we would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our patients

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