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Alternate Telephone Number – NBN Telephone Communication Problems

In an effort to avert the problems that many of our patients were facing when the NBN came to Penrith, we delayed our final connection by over 8 months.  Unfortunately, we did not manage to avoid some of the communiaction problems and at times our main telephone line has been down, even though it may appear to ring out.  If you have been trying to call us on our usual number but are having no suceess, please try the following numbers, which also go to our front desk receptionist:

(612) 47 311 676 or (612) 47 311 812.

Please  also let our team members know that you have had to call one of our secondary telephone numbers.  None of the telephone numbers should ring out, as we have an answering service if we are unable to answer the phone by a few short rings.  This is an indication that we are having problems with our telephone communications.

Thank you for your help and understanding in this matter.  It is unfortunately beyond our control.



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