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Another Beautiful Smile Makeover by Simply Beautiful Smiles

Another beautiful smile makeover by Simply Beautiful Smiles, created by our Cosmetic Dentist, Dr John Wells. This lovely lady in her late 50’s had forgotten how to smile.

She didn’t like the colour of her teeth, especially the darked two front teeth.  The upper ten front teeth were heavily filled, and some of them had root canal treatment.

The brief was to improve the colour and shape of the teeth, without an overall change to the general appearance.

We achieved this making only small changes to the upper four front teeth, and regeneration with porcelain fused to zirconia crowns.  No change was made to the bite or the position or shape of the canine teeth.

A lighter colour was chosen to “lift” the smile line.

Our patient was extremely happy with the result and smiles now, just “because”.

This was a very satisfying case to do and really enjoyable, to see our wonderful patient smiling without any reservation.
Laboratory ceramics by Master Ceramist Mr Grant Davis,  Grant Davis Advanced Dental Aesthetics.


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