Congratulations to Hannah and Karina

April has seen a very significant milestone achieved for two of our team members at Simply Beautiful Smiles.

Hannah, our youngest team member, was married in April.  She looked very beautiful on her special day and travelled through Europe for her honeymoon.  We wish Hannah and Phil all the best for a wonderful future as they continue on life’s journey together as husband and wife.

Karina, our adventure loving hygienist, has been on a treking holiday to Nepal.  It has been a cultural experience for her, with little electricity or hot water, interesting toilet situations, and even a few days where there was no petrol to be had, so the roads during that time were a lot less dangerous with only one overturned truck experienced on a four hour drive (usually many more apparently).  Karina got to see Mt Everest, and from the top of her trek, her long-time boyfriend proposed to her.  She said “yes” of course, and is now engaged!  Congratulations to both Karina and John.  Wishing you both a lifetime of love.

Can’t wait to see all the memorable photos!

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