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Unbelievably, it is already August 2014!  We have had an amazing year this year with so many wonderful smile makeovers and fantastic results with Davis bridges for our implant patients.  Unfortunately, because of changes to the National Law (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency AHPRA), health professionals and their businesses are no longer allowed to use testimonials on any of their advertising.  We had some lovely testimonials from very satisfied patients whose lives we had transformed.  However, I guess like with anything, there was abuse of the use of testimonials by some members/businesses of the health services profession, and there was no way of knowing for sure if the testimonials used were legitimate.

We still have patients sending us “thank you” notes, letters and cards and sometimes a very special gift (amongst those we have had poetry and even a wood carving handmade by especially appreciative and creative patients) and we always get excited to see the changes we have made in people’s lives when they come back to tell us their stories.  We also get patients sending us photos, and with their permission, we are now posting these on our pre-existing Testimonial page, turning it into a poster board of very satisfied patients.

Thank you so much to the vast majority of our patients that make our daily work worth the effort.  Providing dentistry can be very stressful and it is these special moments that make our work so worthwhile.  We always go the extra mile and are horrified by some of the work we see and what we hear (even with infection control in this day and age).

When seeking extensive work, or even just a good dentist, always research and ask around.  If the same name keep popping up (with good or bad reviews), that will speak volumes.  You have the ultimate choice when it comes to having anything done, and it will always come down to these three –  price, quality and service.  It is impossible to provide all three.  At Simply Beautiful Smiles, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional quality and service.

If you have any photos you would like to share, please pass these on.  We will be very happy to share them on our poster board (testimonial page).

Again, thank you to all of our patients for giving us such immense job satisfaction.


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