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Conservative veneers following a short course of Invisalign

This lovely young lady in her late 20’s struggled with her smile, and wouldn’t pose for photos. Her teeth were crooked, discoloured, translucent and short.

Initially the teeth were moved with conservative orthodontic correction, using a short course of Invisalign to provide some preliminary realignment. This made the following stages of treatment more conservative and less invasive.

The next stage was a gum reshaping and lift procedure using a dental laser to remove excess tissue and create longer looking teeth.

The final stage involved 8 conservative porcelain veneers and some lower teeth whitening. In this way the shape of the teeth was improved, the colour lightened and brightened, and the final alignment (including a broadening of the smile) was achieved.

Our patient was very happy with this amazing result and now flashes her smile with every opportunity. We are all thrilled for her and so happy we could help rebuild her smile, and with it her confidence.

Another beautiful smile by Dr John Wells. This case is highlighting the veneers after immediately placing them.  Some healing is yet to take place, and the patient will visit in a few weeks to check that everything is progressing well.


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