Porcelain Veneers and Crowns for a Beautiful Smile!

Yet another beautiful and pleasing case by Dr. John Wells. Have a look at the incredible smile he crafted for our wonderful guest. Let us tell you the whole story! 

 This vibrant young lady of 60 has a very big personality and loves to smile. Unfortunately, due to extensive tooth wear, crowded teeth position and discolouration of her enamel, she was hesitant to smile without being self-conscious.

 This was indeed a difficult case to manage, not only because of the colour and realignment but also because the old crown was to be matched to a series of porcelain veneers. However, the results are incredible! 

We worked on the lower teeth bonding and upper teeth smile rejuvenation with 9 porcelain veneers and also a porcelain/zirconia crown. 

The procedure has completely transformed her smile. The lower teeth makeover is planned for the year 2024. Now our patient lights up the room before thinking twice. 

 The beautiful lab work was created by Mr Grant Davis, ADT Master Ceramist.

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