“Smile Girl” – A Smile Transformation Journey

Gum lift, Teeth Whitening, Porcelain crowns and Veneers to transform a smile- Another beautiful smile by Dr John Wells!

At Simply Beautiful Smiles, we meet so many people who suffer from various dental issues. Let us share a recent case with you! We met a young lady and unfortunately, she has a genetic condition that meant she was born without several of her adult teeth.  

She thoroughly told us about her condition. Another dental practitioner had placed a dental implant and crown, along with some bonded veneers to improve her smile which resulted in very little success.

But our patient didn’t like her smile, and by referral and insistence of a close family member, travelled the 4hrs from country NSW to Penrith, for her smile transformation by us. Our professionals at Simply Beautiful Smiles comprehensively looked at the details and then worked on it. 

What we did was:

  • Removed an upper right missing tooth space micro implant, 
  • Placed two anatomical root implants where the two missing front teeth should have been,
  • Lower teeth whitening and a minor upper gum lift procedure were performed, to enhance the soft tissue harmony,
  • Then two porcelain/zirconia implant crowns and four porcelain veneers were crafted, to transform the upper smile.

 The whole treatment was indeed a great confidence boost for her and reinforced her choice to do something for herself and have the beautiful smile she always wanted and deserved. 

What’s more impressive is the compliments she got at a wedding she attended. They complimented her smile and told her how amazing she looked. Her friends nicknamed her “smile girl”, a moniker she says she wears with pride. 

“I have the great honour to assist in making these changes to people’s lives. I take this trust with great and humble appreciation.” – Dr John Wells. 

A beautiful, cosmetically pleasing, but functional result by our very experienced Dr John Wells.

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