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Fortress Mouthguards

Fortress logoFortress mouthguards are laminated mouthguards, custom made to fit your mouth properly. They are comfortable to wear, have good retention and fit, and cause minimal interference to speaking and breathing.

Fortress mouthguards were designed with the help of Rugby League first grade footballers, who had great problems wearing mouthguards. The footballers found that most mouthguards did not fit tightly and had to be removed when they needed to talk or had to breath heavily after excessive exercise.

The Fortress Mouthguard offers the following protection:

  • It prevents the tongue, lips and cheeks from being lacerated against the sharp edges of the teeth
  • It significantly reduces the risk of injury to the anterior teeth following a blow from the front
  • It also reduces the risk of damage to the posterior teeth of either jaw
  • It reduces the risk of concussion resulting from impact to the lower jaw.

mouthguards-fortress-1All active sports, no matter what you are playing, will damage your teeth in some way if you get a good enough hit.

Laminated mouthguards were designed because the old boil and bite mouthguards (bought in chemists) have absolutely no protection whatsoever and are actually somewhat dangerous due to some people swallowing them because of poor fit. These boil and bite mouthguards make people gag, damage gums and are generally uncomfortable to wear, so people generally won’t wear them.

Laminated mouthguards offer from 400% to 1000% better and stronger protection than the cheaper boil and bite mouthguard.

Laminated Mouthguards come in three different grades:

mouthguards-fortress-3Light Mouthguards – Are made for the young sports player, with mixed dentition of baby and adult teeth for the person playing low impact sports. (Up to 10 years of age is recommended). This mouthguard is double laminated 2mm x 2mm.

Medium Mouthguards – Are made for most sports for people of all ages. This is a good all-round guard used for the majority of club sports. This mouthguard is double laminated 3mm x 2mm.

Heavy Pro Mouthguards – Are made for heavy contact sports like Rugby League and all sports involving sticks, for
mouthguards-fortress-2example, hockey. This is also an excellent guard for contact sports like Kick Boxing and Karate. This mouthguard is triple laminated 3mm x 1.5mm x hard layer 2mm.

Fortress Mouthguards are used by a number of 1st grade football clubs as well as in various other sports.






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